two students walking outside a building on campus

Washburn University (WU)

WU 101  The Washburn Experience  (3)  

This three-hour course for first-year students focuses on developing the skills necessary to be successful in college. Each section of the course will use common themes such as the exploration of study skills, wellness, technology, academic integrity, information literacy, global citizenship and others to introduce students to a series of best practices. Prerequisite: None.

(Information Literacy and Tech.)  

WU 105  Life Skills  (1)  

Focuses on developing the critical-thinking and life skills needed for a successful transition into independence. The course covers topics ranging from basic auto maintenance to personal finance with the goal of promoting the development and refinement of important life skills. The target audience for this course is students participating in success programs through the Center for Student Success and Retention. Prerequisite: Approval of course instructor.

WU 110  Peer Educator Training  (0)  

The WU 110 course is utilized to train new peer educators for future service in FYE courses. Students will gain skills in classroom management, student engagement, and public speaking. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor.

WU 115  Academic Enhancement  (0)  

The WU 115 course is utilized as a learning laboratory for students participating in curricular success programs offered through the Center for Student Success & Retention. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor.

WU 120  Major and Career Exploration  (2)  

WU120 will use a Social Science research process to guide students through academic and career exploration in the Information Age. Engaged and capable citizens need a firm grounding in digital research to navigate successfully the Knowledge Economy. Because this world continues to evolve rapidly, having a skill set that provides the ability to evaluate a changing environment is essential. This course meets a core student need by teaching Information Literacy and Technology skills while encouraging students to consider thoughtfully their role as citizens. Prerequisite: None.