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Health (HL)

HL 207  Stress and Weight Management  (2)  

This course explores the causes of stress, effects of stress upon the individual, and cognitive and physical techniques used to combat stress. A variety of relaxation techniques are practiced in class. Additionally, the fundamental principles of weight management will be discussed, including evaluations of government guidelines and popular diets. Emphasis will be on application toward individual weight management goals. No prerequisite.

HL 277  Principles of Health Education and Promotion  (3)  

Designed to familiarize the student with the purpose, function, organization and administration of health education and promotion services. Some areas to be discussed are history and philosophy of health education, effective settings, behavior change theories, government initiatives, and ethics. Prerequisite: KN 248 or consent of instructor

HL 377  Critical Issues in Health  (2)  

This course will focus on controversies surrounding a wide range of current health science and personal health issues. When confronted by differing opinions and points of view, it is necessary to use critical thinking skills to comprehend, evaluate and make decisions in the face of uncertainty. Pros and cons of selected issues will be presented through readings, lectures, class discussions and both oral and written presentations. Prerequisite: KN 248 or consent of instructor.

HL 477  Health Program Planning and Evaluation  (3)  

This course is designed to study the fundamental concepts, models, theories and strategies pertaining to health education and promotion program planning and evaluation. Students will gain practical knowledge and will be expected to develop a comprehensive, theory-based strategy for delivery of a health promotion program, as well as provide for appropriate evaluation mechanisms throughout the program. Prerequisites: HL 277 and HL 377, or consent of instructor.