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Medical Office Specialist (MOS)

MOS 150  Medical Terminology  (1)  

This course familiarizes students to basic medical terminology and medical abbreviations used in a nursing care setting. The course is a component of and incorporated into the semester long program.

MOS 250  Medical Terminology  (5)  

Designed to give the student a background in basic medical terminology, this course covers prefixes, suffixes, combining forms, and word roots to compose medical terms. The student learns to spell, pronounce, define, and interpret terminology related to body structure, disease, diagnosis, and treatment.

MOS 255  Medical Records Management  (4)  

This course will acquaint the student with processing, maintaining and filing medical records. Students will also gain hands-on practice in creating, editing and generating medical reports. Emphasis is placed on confidentiality, appropriate documentation, accuracy and comprehension of information within the documents, and will require the use of medical terminology.

MOS 260  Medical Office Procedure  (3)  

This course provides hands-on practice of front office skills in a medical setting, both on paper and electronically, using medical office software. The student will also practice entry-level diagnosis coding, procedure coding, and medical claims billing.