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Kinesiology (KN)

KN 100  Rhythmic Fitness  (1)  

Rhythmic Fitness

KN 101  Body Toning  (1)  

Body toning.

KN 102  Archery  (1)  


KN 103  Badminton  (1)  


KN 104  Step Aerobics  (1)  

Step Aerobics

KN 107  Basketball  (1)  


KN 109  Bowling  (1)  


KN 111  Canoeing  (1)  


KN 112  Cycling  (1)  


KN 113  Fencing  (1)  


KN 117  Golf I  (1)  


KN 123  Judo  (1)  


KN 124  Karate  (1)  


KN 125  Lifeguard Training  (1)  

Lifeguard Training

KN 129  Racquetball  (1)  


KN 132  Softball  (1)  


KN 133  Swimming I  (1)  

Swimming I

KN 134  Swimming II  (1)  

Swimming II

KN 137  Tennis  (1)  


KN 139  Tai Chi  (1)  

Tai Chi

KN 140  Pilates  (1)  


KN 141  Yoga  (1)  


KN 142  Zumba  (1)  


KN 143  Soccer  (1)  


KN 144  Volleyball  (1)  


KN 146  Weight Training  (1)  

Weight Training

KN 152  Kardio Kickbox  (1)  

Kardio Kickbox.

KN 157  Country & Western Dance  (1)  

Country and Western Dance

KN 162  Beginning Skin & Scuba Diving  (1)  

Beginning Skin and Scuba Diving

KN 165  Self-Defense  (1)  


KN 169  Social Dance  (1)  

Social Dance

KN 170  Aqua Exercise  (1)  

Aqua Exercise

KN 171  Deep Water Walking  (1)  

Deep Water Walking

KN 173  Water Safety Instructor  (1)  

Water Safety Instructor

KN 176  Tae Kwon Do  (1)  

Tae Kwon Do

KN 190  Special Topics  (1)  

Special Topics

KN 192  Marathon Training I  (1)  

Marathon Training I

KN 193  Marathon Training II  (1)  

Marathon Training II

KN 240  Coaching Principles and Philosophy  (2)  

This course is required for the Minor in Coaching. It is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of coaching principles and help students develop a sound coaching philosophy. Students will examine their roles as coaches, improve communication and management skills, develop technical coaching skills, and learn proper team training and management strategies. This course will provide content necessary for students to complete the American Sport Education Program's (ASEP) certification exam. Prerequisite: Sophomore status.

KN 248  Wellness Concepts and Applications  (3)  

The purpose of this course is to introduce and explore the essential concepts of wellness and to gain an understanding of the processes that contribute to developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The wellness approach will emphasize personal responsibility for one's health through critical examination and evaluation of the consequences of lifestyle choices, the selection and development of behavior change skills that promote optimal enhancement of all wellness dimensions, and the creation of a personal wellness plan for a productive and satisfying life. Prerequisite: None.

(General Ed Social Science. Critical and Creative Thinking.)  

KN 250  Introduction to Kinesiology  (2)  

This course examines the process of human movement as a unifying element in the study of the discipline of Kinesiology. Content areas include the scientific foundations of human movement, the history and philosophy of physical education, the role of physical education in the educational process, general purposes of Kinesiology programs, career orientation and the future of Kinesiology.

KN 253  Fundamentals of Football Coaching  (2)  

Fundamentals and coaching techniques involved in coaching football. Rules, practice and game day organization, offensive and defensive techniques and strategies, and administrative requirements will be covered. Designed for those who intend to coach football.

KN 257  Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries  (3)  

This course will instruct and evaluate contemporary methods of conditioning, prevention, recognition and acute care of athletic injuries. This course will also focus on risk assessment and management relating to physical activity. The course is appropriate for Kinesiology majors, pre-healthcare majors, and students interested in coaching. An additional fee is associated with this course.

KN 266  Microcomputer Applications to Kinesiology  (2)  

This course examines computer technology applications and software related to Kinesiology and Physical Education. Prerequisite: Kinesiology or Physical Education Major, KN 248 and KN 250; or 54 credit hours and consent of instructor.

KN 271  First Aid and CPR  (2)  

General emergency first aid including sudden illness, musculoskeletal injuries, heat/cold emergencies, splinting, bandaging and CPR. Opportunity is provided to earn both American Red Cross Responding to Emergencies First Aid and CPR certifications. An additional fee is associated with this course.

KN 280  Sports Officiating I  (2)  

Study and interpretation of current rules; field work for practicing officiating techniques. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

KN 291  Field Experience 1 in Exercise and Rehabilitation Science  (1)  

This course is designed to help students explore exercise and rehabilitation professions, providing them a framework for the foundational knowledge and skills gained as an exercise and rehabilitation science major. Field observations exposing majors to potential careers and professional settings are included. Prerequisites: KN 248 & AL 101 or KN 250 & NU 102.

KN 299  Measurement and Evaluation in Kinesiology  (2)  

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of measurement and evaluation principles in Kinesiology, and emphasizes the selection, development, administration and interpretation of appropriate assessments for physical education. Skill performance and fitness assessments with computer applications will be included. Prerequisites: KN 248 and KN 250, plus MA 112 or MA 116.

KN 300  Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity  (3)  

The study of psychological processes related to sport and exercise behavior. The course will provide a broad overview of the major topics, including: motivation, arousal, goal-setting, self-confidence, and imagery. Prerequisites: KN 248 and KN 250, or junior standing and consent of instructor.

KN 302  Coaching Basketball  (2)  

Fundamentals and coaching techniques in basketball. Rules, offensive and defensive strategies, planning practice sessions, and administrative requirements to coach basketball. Prerequisite: None.

KN 303  Coaching Track & Field  (2)  

Fundamentals and coaching methods in all events within the track and field program. Rules, regulations and administrative requirements to coach track and field.

KN 304  Coaching Baseball & Softball  (2)  

Individual fundamentals and team play in baseball and softball. Rules, strategies, and administrative requirements to coach baseball and softball.

KN 305  Coaching Volleyball  (2)  

Fundamentals and coaching techniques in volleyball. Rules, strategies and administrative requirements to coach volleyball. Prerequisite: None.

KN 306  Organization and Administration in Kinesiology  (3)  

This course is designed to provide a theoretical and practical approach to the organization and administration of Kinesiology programs. Students will be assigned administrative projects to enhance learning. Prerequisite: junior standing or consent of instructor.

KN 308  Nutrition for Sports & Fitness  (3)  

This course will provide an understanding of nutrition and its relationship to physical fitness and sports performance. Students will learn about nutrition guidelines and the effects of nutrition on topics such as metabolism, hydration, body composition, supplements, ergogenic aids, and sports specific training. In addition, students will perform and analyze nutrition and energy assessments and make recommendations to improve performance. Prerequisite: KN 248 and KN 250, or junior standing and consent of instructor.

KN 311  Motor Development  (3)  

This course is designed to provide students with an examination of current theories of motor development throughout the life cycle. Emphasis is placed on development of fundamental motor skills, physical growth and development, and assessment. Students will be required to conduct a variety of assessments on diverse individuals. Prerequisites: Either KN 260, KN 261, KN 360, or KN 361 or consent of instructor.

KN 315  Special Topics in Kinesiology  (1-3)  

May vary from semester to semester. May be taken more than one semester depending upon topic.

KN 318  Exercise Psychology  (3)  

This course will introduce students to the basics and provide a solid foundation of psychological consequences and adherence aspects associated with the psychology of exercise. The interconnection among theory, research, application, and intervention will be utilized in order to apply the knowledge learned in this course to actual situations. Prerequisites: KN 248 and KN 250, or junior standing and consent of instructor.

KN 321  Anatomical Kinesiology  (3)  

The study of anatomical and mechanical principles in relation to human motion. Prerequisite: BI 250 or BI 275.

KN 326  Physiology of Exercise  (3)  

Process of scientific inquiry applied to physiological systems engaged in exercise. Examination of the acute and chronic effects of exercise on structure, function, and performance. Prerequisite: BI 255.

KN 327  Physiology of Exercise Lab  (1)  

The purpose of this course is to gain an understanding of the physiology (neuromuscular, metabolic, and cardiopulmonary) of exercise, including the physiology of training (i.e., the acute responses and chronic adaptations that occur due to exercise). This course will reinforce the basic exercise physiology concepts via application, increase awareness of and proficiency in performing selected laboratory tests and measurements commonly used in exercise physiology studies of humans, and provide practice in the process of data collection, evaluation and reporting. Prerequisites: BI 255; must be taken concurrently with KN 326.

KN 330  Administration of Exercise and Rehabilitation Science  (3)  

This class is designed to provide foundational information relating to the Administration of Exercise and Rehabilitation Science professions for Kinesiology majors who intend on pursuing Exercise or Rehabilitation Science professions. Students will learn the importance of quality management of financial, human, and facility resources. Prerequisites: KN 291 and junior standing.

KN 335  Human Factors and Ergonomics  (3)  

This course examines human factors and ergonomics as the interdisciplinary study of humans interacting with elements of systems in the workplace and other environments. Thorough analysis, evaluation, and synthesis are employed in the application of design to optimize well-being and performance. Prerequisite: junior standing or consent of instructor.

KN 340  Adapted Physical Education  (3)  

This course will provide students with the knowledge, skills and instructional techniques necessary to adapt and modify physical activities for students with developmental delays and/or mental and physical disabilities. Legal issues associated with educating individuals with disabilities in the physical education setting will be examined. A practicum experience in the public school setting and/or community setting is required. Prerequisite: KN 311 or consent of instructor.

KN 341  Physical Education Activity Techniques I  (2)  

This course emphasizes the learning of basic skills and teaching progressions, including lead-up games/activities, instructional strategies & teaching methods for activities such as basketball, soccer/speedball, softball, flag football, team handball, lacrosse, and floor hockey. Prerequisites: KN 248 and KN 250.

KN 342  Physical Education Activity Techniques II  (2)  

This course emphasizes the learning of basic skills and teaching progressions, including lead up games/activities, instructional strategies and teaching methods of aerobics, weight lifting, track and field, and unique physical education games. Prerequisites: KN 248 and KN 250.

KN 343  Physical Education Activity Techniques III  (2)  

This course will provide undergraduate physical education majors with an introduction to a variety of sports and activities found in various school curricula. Additionally, the course will provide an opportunity for students to gain teaching experience through peer-teaching experiences. Sports and activities to be covered will include: Archery, Badminton, Bowling, Golf, Pickleball, Table Tennis, Tennis, and Volleyball. Prerequisites: KN 248 and KN 250

KN 344  Physical Education Activity Techniques IV  (2)  

This course emphasizes the learning of basic skills and teaching progressions, instructional strategies and teaching methods for these activities: Pre-K – 12 rhythms and dance, including creative rhythms, social, folk and line dances, and basic tumbling, stunts and balance activities. Prerequisites: KN 248 and KN 250.

KN 345  Physical Education Activity Techniques V  (2)  

This course will provide Physical Education and Kinesiology majors with an introduction to a variety of outdoor activities and related teaching experiences. The overall purpose is to provide potential teachers and recreational leaders with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to teach and participate in a variety of outdoor leisure activities. An additional fee is associated with this course. Prerequisites: KN 248 and KN 250.

KN 350  Orthopedic Evaluation  (3)  

This course is designed to instruct students on the techniques involved evaluating orthopedic injuries. This course will cover the sequence of a formal evaluation, documentation, the signs & symptoms of common injuries, & differential diagnosis. Prerequisite: KN 321.

KN 357  Sports Performance Training and Reconditioning  (3)  

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to design, measure, and instruct contemporary activity-specific functional training programs. The course will emphasize methods and progression of strength, flexibility, speed, power including Olympic lifts and plyometrics, agility, balance, core and endurance training techniques with modern tools and exercise equipment. Peer teaching and testing and opportunity to participate in practical application of skills is included. Prerequisite: BI 255 and KN 342.

KN 367  Therapeutic Exercise  (3)  

This course is designed to provide Kinesiology majors with theoretical basis, comprehension and synthesis in the application of therapeutic exercise to address metabolic disease and musculoskeletal disorders. Students will develop specific exercise approaches for a varied population of people with a variety of special conditions to improve movement, function and quality of life. Prerequisite: KN 321.

KN 370  Facility & Event Management  (3)  

This course addresses the principles and procedures involved in sports facility and event management. Special emphasis will be given to sports event planning, production and evaluation. Prerequisite: KN 306 or instructor approval.

KN 403  Biomechanics  (3)  

This course provides an overview of biomechanics related to sport and exercise. Specific topics include: external forces and their effect on the body and its movement, including linear and angular kinetics; work, power, and energy in human activity; and the internal mechanics of human tissues, specifically the bones, skeletal muscle, ligaments, and tendons that make movement possible. This course will consist of lecture, discussion, and laboratory sessions to communicate the background of biomechanical principles, as well as their application. Prerequisites: KN 321 and PS 131/PS 132 or PS 261

KN 410  Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription  (3)  

Students will become familiar with current fitness testing procedures and exercise prescription methods. Prerequisites: KN 326 and KN 342, MA 140 or PY 151.

KN 411  Current Literature in Kinesiology  (3)  

This course acquaints students with the processes by which research generates information and theoretical advances in Kinesiology and also explores specific recent developments in the field. Prerequisite: KN 326, MA 140 or PY 151.

KN 420  Curriculum Development for Elementary and Secondary Physical Education Methods  (3)  

Instructional methods, resources and curriculum development aimed at preparing future physical education teachers with the knowledge to create developmentally appropriate activities for preschool through high school age students, utilizing practical site-based experiences in planning, teaching and evaluating physical education programs. Prerequisites: KN 311, plus any e of the following: KN 341, KN 342, KN 343, KN 344, KN 345, and formal admission to the Professional Teacher Education Program or consent of instructor.

KN 430  Senior Seminar Physical Education  (1)  

This is a capstone course in which teacher candidates will review and update their Physical Education philosophy, complete their Physical Education portfolio, further develop their professional goals and plan for professional development; create their advocacy plan, and complete a practical experience related to the major. Prerequisites: Senior standing and formal acceptance into the Professional Teacher Education Program; or consent of instructor.

KN 491  Field Experience 2 in Exercise and Rehabilitation Science  (3-6)  

This course is designed for students interested in gaining practical experience in settings related to exercise and rehabilitation science, such as athletic training, physical therapy, clinical exercise physiology, fitness/wellness, sports and conditioning or research settings. Prerequisites: KN 291, KN 357 and KN 410; current First Aid and CPR certifications must be on file prior to the start of the field experience.

KN 497  Internship: Sport Management  (6-12)  

This course provides an off-campus experience in the field of sport management, in areas such as facility operations, game day promotions and advertising, ticket sales, and/or front-office administration. Each credit hour of internship equates to 50 contact hours at the internship site. This internship is for a minimum of 300 hours and a maximum of 600 hours. Prerequisite: All Major and Activity Requirements completed; current First Aid and CPR certifications must be on file prior to start of internship.

KN 498  Internship: Health and Fitness Promotion  (3-6)  

This course provides an off-campus experience in health promotion and/or fitness settings such as public health, corporate wellness, personal training, strength and conditioning, and recreation administration. Each credit hour of internship equates to 50 contact hours at the internship site. This internship is for a minimum of 150 hours and a maximum of 300 hours. Prerequisite: All Major and Activity Requirements completed; current First Aid and CPR certifications must be on file prior to start of internship.