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Data Analytics (DA)

DA 348  Data Discovery and Management  (3)  

Students will identify and manipulate data that will provide actionable information to solve business problems. Prerequisite: CM 105 or CM 111; EC 211, BU 248, and BU 250

DA 358  Data Methods and Warehousing  (3)  

Students will learn methods to process a variety of data types (unstructured and semi-structured) and to use technologies that convert, analyze and store large volumes of data. Unstructured and semi-structured data will be converted into information useful for problem solving. Prerequisite: DA 348

DA 368  Data Mining and Modeling  (3)  

Students will learn technologies that can be used to discover relationships among data. These relations can be used to create models used to predict or classify new data. Prerequisite: DA 348

DA 478  Data Analytics Applied - Practicum  (3)  

Students will apply the data analytics process, including data discovery, transformation, organization, and modeling, to a real-world project and to effectively communicate the solutions. Prerequisite: DA 358 and DA 368.