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Technology Administration (TA)

TA 300  Evolution & Development of Technology  (3)  

This course includes a historical account of the development and innovation of technology. Emphasis is on the development of scientific knowledge and its relationship to inventions, their role in careers and impact on civilization.

TA 310  Technology & Society  (3)  

Course will focus on current technology in the context of historical development and the effect of technology on today's society. Students will develop critical analysis of technological innovation through a variety of readings, research and projects.

TA 320  System Design, Assessment, & Evaluation  (3)  

This course provides practice in skills to analyze organizational opportunites and evaluates systems using techniques such as flow charts, cause and effect diagrams and others to determine how systems can be utilized to meet organizational challenges. The course will cover such topics as systems planning, analysis, design, testing, implementation and maintenance. Prerequisite: MA 110, or MA 112, or MA 116, or MA 140.

TA 330  Safety Analysis & Quality Assurance  (3)  

The purpose of the course is to review the organization of accident prevention programs, job hazards, accident cost control, and planning and maintaining a safe environment. The course includes analysis of data, including the use of statistical process control, risk management, and quality assurance issues such as inspections, reports, and external standards of federal, state and local agencies.

TA 340  Technology Policy  (3)  

This course will provide an in-depth study of policy and law practices relating to technology. The course will deal with technology policy, legal ramification in relation to local environments, state, national and international communities. Consideration in the course will deal with issues such as technological efficiency, socio-economic development, environment, security and others. Special emphasis will be given to the political process in which technology policies are shaped in public and private organization.

TA 360  Independent Study  (1-4)  

Technology Administration majors may pursue an independent research project approved by the Program Director in consultation with the Department Chair. Independent Study may not be used in place of any courses required of the TA work major. Independent Study courses must meet equivalencies to Federal definition of a credit hour. Prerequisites: Consent

TA 370  Technology Internship  (1-4)  

Provides the opportunity under the direction of a faculty member to gain insight and practical experiences in an area of technology administration.

TA 380  Technology and the Future  (3)  

This course will examine applications of a variety of predication tools and techniques to forecast future developments in their career field. Outcomes will include identification and implementation of strategies to create a desired future in an operation, production or market. Prerequisite: (MA 110 or MA 112 or MA 116) and EN 101.

TA 381  Technology and Ecology  (3)  

The purpose of the course is to examine ecological policy in terms of technology and innovation, including the political, geographical, legal and social contexts in which technological innovation occurs. The course will examine conflicts between innnovation and resources, risk assessment, national and global impact, and scale of consequences.

TA 390  Special Topics in Technology  (1-3)  

These special topic courses cover a variety of subjects designed to instill current topics into the technology program.

TA 400  Technology Administration  (3)  

This course provides an introduction to several core concepts in technology management and the role of managers of technology in their respective organizations. The course will cover topics such as technology strategy, effective use of resources, the impacts of technology systems, funding technology and ethical approaches to using and managing technology.

TA 410  Technology Planning  (3)  

This course investigates the increasing use of projects to accomplish organizational goals, including how project plan inputs are accurately gathered, integrated and documented. Topics include project life cycle, work breakdown structure, and the importance of quality, risk, and contingency management in planning development. Prerequisite: None.

TA 420  Technology Project  (3)  

Students working individually and in teams will complete projects as assigned. These projects may take a variety of forms, but will integrate students' technical and professional coursework. Students will be required to produce written and oral presentations of their projects. Evaluation will be based both on individual performance and performance as a team member. Leadership skills will be a critical component of the course. This Capstone project requires summative reflection, serving as a culminating experience for Bachelor's degree students.Prerequisite: TA 300, TA 310, TA 320, TA 330 or concurrent.