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Certified Logistics Technician (CLT)

CLT 101  Supply Chain Logistics  (2)  

A foundational course to prepare students to work in the world of supply chains and related competencies.

CLT 102  Certified Logistics Technician  (1)  

This course will provide students with the training, knowledge and skills that mid-level material-handling workers in supply chain logistics will need. Students who successfully complete the course will be eligible to take the assessment to become a certified logistics technician.

CLT 104  Certified Logistics Technician  (2)  

Mid-Level technical knowledge needed to understand the world of supply chain logistics and related core competencies. Learning materials competencies the application of logistics in product receiving, product storage, order processing, packaging and shipment, inventory control, safe handling of hazardous materials, evaluation of transportation modes, customs and dispatch and tracking operations. This course requires, approximately 35 hours.

CLT 250  Forklift Operation  (1)  

This course is designed to train entry level workers in the correct use of a forklift to unload, move, stack, and load materials for shipping and distribution.