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Legal Office Professional (LOP)

LOP 240  Legal Terminology  (5)  

Students will attain knowledge and understanding of terms commonly used in the legal profession. Students will learn to define the terms, correctly pronounce them, and use them in legal context. Keyboard practice is used to solidify definitions and correct spelling of legal terms and terminology will be used in correspondence and legal pleadings.

LOP 250  Legal Office Projects  (3)  

The law office environment is somewhat different from the traditional business world. Legal Office Procedures is designed to present an overview of the structure and functions of the law office and provide the student with an opportunity to learn about different specialty areas of the law and to prepare real life documents and pleadings required in this profession.

LOP 260  Legal Transcription  (4)  

Legal Transcription teaches students to transcribe from sound common legal pleadings, correspondence, and recorded sessions to reinforce the correct pronunciation of legal terminology. Transcribed dictation is evaluated with written copy to increase rate typing speed in transcription and produce error free documents from sound.