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Women's and Gender Studies (WG)

WG 175  Introduction to Women's Studies  (3)  

Introduces the principal history, methods, issues and debates in Women's Studies utilizing an interdisciplinary approach. Through a broad range of issues confronting women, the course examines both historical and contemporary ideas, institutions, and constraints that shape women's lives. Attention will be focused on differences among women as well as the potential for women's unity and empowerment. Prerequisite: None.

(General Ed Humanities. Global Citizenship Ethics Div.)  

WG 199  Special Topics  (0-3)  

Topics will vary from semester to semester and will be announced in advance. May be taken for more than one semester. Prerequisite: Varies by course and instructor.

WG 375  Women and Popular Culture  (3)  

This course explores the ways women are depicted in popular culture and how these integrated patterns and beliefs are transmitted to succeeding generations. We will identify how these images influence basic assumptions about societal roles and expectations of women and, therefore, female development. This examination of popular culture genres reveals the influence of pop culture and its impact on stereotypes, personal and professional relationships. Through readings, text analysis, discussion and research-oriented writing assignments, the course will engage interdisciplinary methods to examine gender and popular culture. Students will learn to analyze and critique the narratives that shape their own perceptions of gender, sex and identity, and formulate a personal response to gender identity. Prerequisite: None.

(General Ed Humanities. Critical and Creative Thinking.)  

WG 390  Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery  (3)  

An advanced undergraduate course that focuses on contemporary human trafficking and slavery. Types of trafficking and slavery to be covered include sex trafficking, bonded labor, forced labor, child soldiers, chattel slavery, and domestic servant slavery. The contributing roles of the state, organized crime, the media, culture, and corruption will be examined. Debates about defining trafficking and the connection between sex trafficking and prostitution will be reviewed. Course materials may include testimonies and autobiographies by survivors, research reports, theoretical essays, policy statements, expert testimonies, podcasts and videos. Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of the instructor.

WG 395  Independent Study  (0-3)  

This course allows the student to pursue individualized scholarship with guidance from a professor. The format may vary in terms of the student's special interests, abilities, imagination, and creativity. May consist of a research paper, a comprehensive written examination on selected reading materials, an oral presentation, or a special performance utilizing one or more art forms or modes of expression. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor.

WG 399  Special Topics  (0-3)  

Topics will vary from semester to semester and will be announced in advance. May be taken for more than one semester. Prerequisite: Varies by course and instructor.

WG 400  Women's/Gender Study Capstone  (3)  

The capstone is a required course that gives students a forum to synthesize and apply theories, methods and concepts that they have learned throughout their minor in Women and Gender Studies. Individualized advanced projects focused on women, gender and/or sexuality are designed in collaboration between the student and their WaGS adviser and can include a research paper, an internship, service learning or activist project. Prerequisite: Junior standing.