Washburn Tech

Safety Practrices

Safety is a priority in every classroom, shop, and laboratory setting. All instructors provide information and demonstrations regarding safe practices in their program. Students must always adhere strictly to these practices. Students must pass a safety assessment prior to gaining access to labs and shops associated with their technical program. Instructors make safety practices an important part of their instructional procedures as well as their grading system. Lack of following established safety practices may result in program removal.

Eye Protection

Many programs require the wearing of approved eye protection. Instructors will advise on the type of protection needed and the student is responsible for purchasing the required eye protection. Non-compliance with shop safety standards is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Medical Emergencies and Accidents

When injuries or accidents occur, students must notify the instructor immediately. All technical programs maintain first aid kits. If further assistance is required, students are referred to Student Health Services on the Washburn campus or a hospital emergency room. If the incident requires more immediate attention, a call will be placed to 911 requesting assistance. Any transportation costs associated with an ambulance will be at the expense of the student. No Washburn Tech staff will transport individuals with a medical emergency to the hospital.

Dress Code

The appropriate and acceptable dress in each program will be determined by the program instructor. WIT places strong emphasis on work-ready appearance and grooming.

Leaving Buildings or Premises During Class Time

The staff at WIT has a responsibility to parents/guardians and participating high schools for the safety of all students. If students need to leave campus during their regularly scheduled class hours, they must check out with their instructor. Written parental permission must be on file with the classroom instructor and Student Services before high school students will be permitted to participate in field trips.

Personal Electronic Devices

The use of cell phones and other electronic devices is at the discretion of the instructor. WIT is NOT responsible for the theft of cell phones, other electronic devices, and related items.

Computer Ethics

Computers and the internet at WIT support education and research at the institution. For students to benefit from these resources, standards of use have been established as described below. Transmission of any material in violation of any U.S./State regulation or school policy regarding computer/internet use is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to copyright material protected by secret trade. The use of Washburn Tech’s computers and the internet is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate use will result in loss of the privilege and possible disciplinary action including removal from the program/Washburn Tech.