Washburn Tech

Grades and Grading

Grades are issued by instructors four times per year, twice per semester. The following definition of letter grades will prevail:

Grade Description
A Excellent
B Well Above Average
C Average
CR Credit Only (Practical Nursing and Surgical Technology Clinical Only)
D Below Average
F Failure
I Incomplete
NC No Credit (Practical Nursing and Surgical Technology Clinical Only)
W Withdrawn

A grade of “I” or incomplete means that the student has not completed all the requirements of the course.  Please see the section "Incompletes, Withdrawal, and Failures" listed above for more information.  

Each course syllabus describes what kind of work will be graded in the course (i.e. quizzes, projects, exams, assignments, etc.) and the weight that each category of work contributes to the final grade.  For example:

25% = Final Project
20% = Lab Project
20% = Quizzes
20% = Assignments
15% = Attendance/Participation

Students doing unsatisfactory work or failing will be notified by the instructor and a progress report will be completed. Instructors and/or Washburn Tech advisors will meet with those students to assist them in making adjustments to the school/technical program or in changing their vocational objective. Each program establishes its own grading scale and guidelines regarding satisfactory progress within the program.