Washburn Tech

Attendance, Absences and Tardiness

Students are expected to attend classes every day to receive the maximum benefit from their instructional program. Washburn Tech realizes that, due to circumstances beyond the student’s control (i.e., illness, a death in the family); daily attendance is not always possible. Absences and tardiness are recorded each day, regardless of the reason. For purposes of taking attendance, there is no excused or unexcused absence or tardy. Each program applies its own system, explained in each program syllabus, which may factor absences and tardiness into the student’s daily and/or final grade and maintaining enrolled status in the program. Students are advised to visit with instructors regarding the grading and attendance systems used by the program in which the student is enrolled.

For high school students, if your home high school is closed for weather reasons, you are excused from attending classes at Washburn Tech. However, if your home high school is closed for holidays/breaks, professional development, parent teacher conferences, or the like, you are expected to attend class at Washburn Tech on the days that we are open and the high school is closed. For weather-related closings, home schooled students will be excused on days that the district in which they reside in is closed.

An instructor, after due notice to the student, may request withdrawal of the student from a program because of nonattendance through the same date as the last day a student may withdraw for a program. This would not absolve the student of financial responsibility for tuition/fees for the program.