Washburn Tech

Adding, Withdrawing, and Changes to Classes

Adding Classes

Because Washburn Tech utilizes block scheduling, there are not often opportunities to add additional courses outside of one prescribed semester block of classes. However, the opportunity to add an additional course outside of one’s prescribed block may sometimes be an option. Students interested in adding an additional class should talk with their Career Navigator/Advisor located in the Student Services Office. 


Courses in which students receive a grade of incomplete “I”, withdrawn “W”,  do not necessarily affect a student’s Academic Standing. However a grade of “F” (failing), will negatively impact the student’s Academic Standing and potentially the student’s eligibility for financial aid, according to the financial aid SAP policy. Grades of incomplete “I” or “W” are not calculated into the student’s term or cumulative GPA.

However, an incomplete that becomes a letter grade (“A” through “F”) is counted in the cumulative GPA and as hours completed for Academic Standing and SAP standards. Incompletes must be completed within the time frame approved by the instructor and the Assistant Dean and Director of Student Services.

Students have no longer than the end of the next term (excluding summer) to make up an incomplete grade. If there are special circumstances involved that resulted in prolonged absences, additional time for make-up may be allowed. Any incomplete must be cleared with the instructor and the Assistant Dean and Director of Student Services. Instructors have the right to set a shorter time frame to make up an incomplete grade.

Withdrawals - Individual Course and Term

Students seeking to withdrawal from a course or courses must contact their Career Navigator/Advisor. The withdrawal is not official until process by registrar staff.

A student may voluntarily withdraw from the technical education program by submitting a written request to the Assistant Dean and Director of Student Services (including student's full name, WIN number, and program). 

If a withdrawal occurs once the refund period has expired, no refund will be allowed upon withdrawal from either the semester or program.  The withdrawal appears on the transcript with a "W."

The deadline for withdrawing from the semester is Friday of the 12th week of the semester.  After that deadline, the student may not withdraw and the instructor will report the grade earned by the student at the end of the semester.

More information on withdrawals can be found in the Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid section of this catalog.

Repeating Courses

If a student repeats any portion of a program, the most recent grade, not necessarily the best grade, is used to determine the qualitative and quantitative measures. However, all attempts are included when calculating pace and maximum time frame and all attempts remain on the transcript.

Credit/No Credit Options

Credit/No Credit classes are accepted as enrolled hours for Academic Standing and Financial Aid SAP purposes. These classes always count as credit hours attempted when measuring Academic Standing and Financial Aid SAP standards. If a student receives credit, the credit hours are included in the number of credit hours successfully completed. If a student receives no credit, the credit hours are not included in the number of credit hours successfully completed. Since there is no letter grade assigned for these classes, they are not included when calculating the cumulative grade point average.

Transferring Credits

Credits transferred to Washburn Tech from a previous institution that are accepted and meet Washburn Tech graduation requirements are included when determining Academic Standing and Financial Aid SAP.

Students who wish to transfer credits to Washburn Tech from another institution should notify the Student Records Administrator in the registrar area of the Student Services Office of the request. Acceptance of credits earned at the previous institution is based upon many factors including the previous coursework; the duration and attendance of course work taken, competencies attained, and other criteria. When credit for previous course work is granted, the academic record of such work is included in determining SAP at Washburn Tech. Decisions regarding the acceptance of transfer credits rests with the Assistant Dean for Instruction.

Credit Granted for Military Service

(See Admission, Registration and Enrollment Section)

Changing Programs

Upon Admission into Washburn Tech, a student is enrolled into one technical education program.  If the student wishes to change programs prior to completing a program, the student must write a letter to the Assistant Dean and Director of Student Services (include student's full name, WIN number, and current program) explaining why the student wants to change programs and identifying the new program.

  • If the student is in good academic standing, and if there is a seat available in the new program, the Assistant Dean may approve the program change.
  • If the student is not in good academic standing, the assistant dean may deny the program change.
  • If there is no space available in the new program, the assistant dean may approve the program change for a future semester.
  • If the new program involves a selection process (i.e. in healthcare programs) the student must go through the required processes to be accepted into that program.

All grades earned at Washburn Tech are included in the Academic Standing and SAP calculations. This is true even if a student changes programs.