Washburn Tech

Gatekeeper Courses

A gatekeeper course is a crucial building block to completion of a program. A student must pass a gatekeeper course before moving on in the program. Depending on the program, two possible actions may be possible if a student fails a gatekeeper. 

  1. The student is dropped from the program after the gatekeeper course.
  2. The student is allowed to continue until the end of the semester and then dropped from the program. 

The student who fails a gatekeeper will not be allowed to continue in the program or may only be allowed to continue until the end of the semester before being dropped from the program. 

A student who fails the gatekeeper course may apply for re-entry in the program with a written request providing and explanation of why they feel they can be successful. Upon re-entry, the student must take the failed gatekeeper course.

A student who is dropped from a program due to failing a gatekeeper course can apply for entry into another program. The student must provide a written request on why they feel they will be more successful in this new program.