Washburn Tech

Re-enrollment Procedures

Same Program

Individuals who did not complete a program of study but want to re-enroll in the same program need to contact the Student Services and Admissions Office for details. In some instances, when the curriculum has changed significantly, an individual must re-enroll for the entire program. If students are dismissed for the remainder of a semester due to misconduct, they will not be permitted to re-enroll the following semester. To re-enroll after the required time lapse, students must contact the Student Services and Admissions Office.

Program Change

Students who want to withdraw from one program and enroll in another program at Washburn Tech the following semester must meet with their Career Navigator/Advisor. Students must meet the Admissions requirements for the program in which they want to enroll.

Changes to Enrollment Status

Any individual who enrolls in a program of study for consecutive semesters will be expected to meet the Graduation Plan in place at the time he/she enrolled. All programs of study consist of courses that are taught in a sequential manner; some courses are offered only once during the school year. Because of this, changes regarding part-time or full-time status need to be discussed with a Career Navigator/Advisor.

Institutional refunds are calculated, according to the published schedule for all students who attend Washburn Tech and reduce the number of hours enrolled. The refund schedule applies to each course from which a student withdraws. Withdrawal from a course and enrollment in another course are treated as two separate transactions.

Continuing Student Enrollment

Students who plan to continue in the program in which currently enrolled must follow the enrollment procedures outlined by their Career Navigator/Advisor. However, fees must be paid by the published deadlines in order to remain on the roster for the next semester.