Washburn Tech

Challenge/Test Out Policy

The institution provides a prescribed set of courses that meet the needs of the employers in our community.  It is Washburn Tech policy to ensure that students meet the course requirements in a timely manner; students might not be required to take courses that cover materials that have already been mastered. Therefore, students may apply to complete a challenge exam, which with a passing grade will allow the student to test out of a specific course or courses.

In order to be eligible to attempt a challenge exam, the following procedure must occur:

  • The student should request a challenge/test-out request form from their Career Navigator/Advisor. This challenge/test-out request form must be completed by the following dates of each term:
    •     Fall -- July 1st preceding the Fall semester
    •     Spring -- November 1st preceding the Spring semester
    •     Summer -- April 1st preceding the Summer  semester
  • The advisor will then verify that the student is eligible for the challenge exam by obtaining consent from the instructor of the course and the Assistant Dean and Director of Instruction.
  • If approval is granted, a completion date of the exam will be issued to the student and instructor.
  • If the student successfully passes the exam, the student will satisfy graduation requirements associated to the course for which the test-out was completed.
  • If the student does not successfully pass the challenge exam, the student may remain enrolled in the full course for credit and pay the full tuition and fees associated with the course.
  • The cost for a challenge exam is $50.00. The exam fee is non-refundable and will not be applied to the full tuition and fee amount that will be charged if the student remains enrolled in the standard course as a result of not passing the exam.
  • The course for which the challenge exam was taken will be transcript as a credit/no-credit course.
  • No financial aid is available for courses that an individual is approved to test out.
  • Students may test out of no more than ½ of the technical program’s prescribed credits.