Washburn Tech

Audit Policy

Students who want to attend classes, but do not want to receive credit, may audit classes. Students who audit classes do not need to take the general entrance test. To enroll as an audit student, individuals must have the approval of Student Services and must pay the same tuition and fees as credit earning students. Audit students are not eligible for federal financial aid. Audited courses are not assigned grades; students are not required to turn in class assignments or take examinations. Students enrolled in an audited class may not convert to a credit status after the first week of class. If students request a change to credit status, they must first meet all admissions requirements (take the entrance test and achieve the required score and meet the technical standards associated with the program).

In the case of a lab-based class, students must either complete the safety class that is part of the program or test out of the safety portion of that program prior to gaining access to lab activities.

Individuals who want to enroll to earn credits will be given priority over those who express interest in auditing classes.

Audit exceptions may be reviewed on an individual basis by the Assistant Dean and Director of Student Services.