Washburn Tech

Vehicles and Parking Policies on Campus

(Policies Apply to Bicycles As Well)

Individuals who drive to the Washburn Tech campus must assume the responsibility for safe and legal operation of a vehicle on or near the campus. The following guidelines apply to those who drive vehicles onto the Tech campus:

  1. Students and staff will enter and leave the campus in an orderly and safe manner at all times
  2. A speed limit of no more than 15 miles per hour will be observed on campus
  3. Reckless driving and speeding will not be tolerated
  4. Student parking is not permitted in front of the administration building or where curbs are painted yellow
  5. Parking must be within the lines denoting parking areas
  6. All traffic must stop for school buses that are loading and unloading on the campus
  7. Students are not permitted to be in vehicles during breaks or lunch time
  8. City police and University police may issue tickets for violations
  9. With reasonable suspicion, any vehicle parked on the Washburn Institute of Technology premises may be subject to search for illegal drugs or weapons
  10. Bicycles brought onto campus must be placed in the bicycle racks provided.

Washburn police officers provide emergency “jump starts” and “lock-outs.”

The provisions of the City of Topeka traffic codes and state traffic statues, Chapter 8 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated, are applicable to the operation and condition of motor vehicles operated on the University campus except as may be otherwise provided in these regulations by the Washburn University board of Regents.  Persons operating or parking a vehicle on campus shall be fully responsible for that vehicle and its contents. Washburn University Institute of Technology has no responsibility for vehicles or protection of any vehicles or their contents while on campus. An enrolled student shall be held responsible for violations by vehicles registered to him/her through the State Motor Vehicle Department regardless of the operator at the time of the violation.

Handicapped Parking

Certain parking spaces are designated as handicapped parking. Parking in these spaces is reserved for those persons whose vehicles display:

  1. A specially issued vehicle license plate displaying the international symbol of access to the physically handicapped;
  2. A disabled veteran license plate issued in accordance with K.S.A. 8-161;
  3. A specially issued identification placard displaying the international symbol of access to the physically handicapped.

Violators of handicap parking laws will receive traffic citations issued by officers of Washburn University, City of Topeka, Shawnee County and/or State of Kansas. Fines will be according to the city code of State statutes.

Designated Parking

The Washburn Tech campuses have open parking except where specifically designated.

General Vehicle Operations

Parking Over-length Vehicle

Over length or oversized vehicles such as buses, trucks and campers cannot be parked in regular parking spaces. Visiting groups and charter buses may arrange for special parking assignments and permits with the University Police Department.

Overnight Camping or Sleeping

Parking for camping or overnight sleeping in vehicles is prohibited.

Prohibited Parking Practices

The following acts are prohibited and Washburn Institute of Technology tickets may be issued for such infractions:

  1. Double parking or blocking streets;
  2. Parking on sidewalks or grass; Parking in service or restricted areas;
  3. Parking across drive entrances or sidewalk crossings;
  4. Parking outside marked spaces;
  5. Parking in fire hydrant zone;
  6. Parking over-length vehicle without permit;
  7. Parking in a space for which the vehicle is not permitted;

Any other parking violation(s) as defined by city code or State statutes.

Vehicle Removal

Motor vehicles parking in violation of any of these regulations may be deemed a common nuisance and the nuisance abated by removal or towing away of the vehicle. The cost of abating, towing and impounding shall be the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.

A fee of $25.00 shall be charged for all Washburn Tech tickets issued for parking violations (except for handicap parking violations.) Such fees are due and payable to the Washburn Tech Cashier (Building A, Room AW137) during business hours. Fees are due within five (5) business days following the date the ticket was issued.

If the fees are not paid, a late payment fee of $10.00 shall be assessed on the sixth day following the date of issuance of the ticket. Students, instructors, and staff are all subject to these fee and late fees.

Failure to Pay

Students with unpaid fees and/or late payment fees shall have a hold placed on their transcripts and re-enrollment until fees are paid in full.


A person who wants to contest the issuance of a Washburn Tech ticket issued to him/her for parking violations may obtain a hearing in accordance with the following procedures:

  1. A verbal complaint regarding a specific ticket issuance shall be made to the Assistant Dean and Director of Student Services within five (5) business days of the issuance of the ticket. The Assistant Dean has five (5) business days to gather information and respond to the complaint.
  2. If the individual is not satisfied with the disposition of the complaint regarding a specific ticket, the individual may then submit, in writing, his/her reason for a review request to the Director of Campus Police within five (5) business days after receiving the first response. A hearing will then be scheduled by the Parking Ticket Review Board that will consist of two students, two instructors or staff members, and the University Chief of Police. The decision of the Parking Ticket Review Board shall be final.

Visitors to Campus

A visitor is defined as an individual who is not a student, faculty, or staff member of Washburn Tech. Visitors ticketed on campus for parking violations may be excused for such parking violations by taking or mailing the Washburn Tech Parking Violation Notice, with proper identification, to the Assistant Dean and Director of Student Services on the Tech campuses.


Students are defined as those individuals who are currently enrolled at Washburn Tech or were enrolled for the preceding regular or summer term and have not graduated. Any individual having evidence showing that they will not be a Tech student for the current or next term will be considered a visitor.

Vehicles and Pedestrians

Vehicles shall yield to all pedestrians.

Vehicle Speed Limits

All vehicles are to be driven prudently and not in excess of 15 mph on the streets and roads of the Washburn Tech campuses.

Accidents, Reporting of

All accidents, including motor vehicles, occurring on the Washburn Tech campuses should be reported to the Police Officer on duty. The Topeka Police Department also has jurisdiction to investigate all accidents occurring in the City of Topeka.