Washburn Tech

Support Services for Students with Disabilities

The Campus Advocate works with students with documented disabilities to provide equal access to Washburn Tech programs and to coordinate entrance and exit testing for all students.

Washburn Tech provides technical education for high school and postsecondary students. Applicants who, with reasonable accommodations, can perform the essential functions of the occupation for which training is being sought, may request and be granted such reasonable accommodations assistance for the duration of their course. Reasonable accommodations may also be requested for assistance with the Admissions Test prior to enrollment. Applicants requesting accommodations should contact the Washburn Tech Campus Advocate for appropriate referral.

The Campus Advocate is responsible for assisting students with disabilities in arranging accommodations and for helping to identify resources on campus for students with disabilities. Qualified students with disabilities must register with the office to be eligible for services. The office MUST have current documentation on file in order to provide services. Accommodations, based on individual needs, may include such services as test readers and/or scribes, extended time for test taking, adaptive computer technology, or alternate media materials. Requests for accommodations should be submitted at least two months before services may begin; however, if you identify a need for an accommodation at any point during a semester, please contact the Campus Advocate immediately. Students may contact the Campus Advocate directly by phone at 785-670-3364 or voluntarily identify themselves to the instructor for a referral.

Washburn Tech does not offer a specialized curriculum for students with disabilities. All academic, technical and conduct program standards must be met. Modifications or accommodations cannot fundamentally alter the essential nature of the program.

It is the policy of Washburn Tech to assure equal employment and educational opportunity to qualified individuals without regard to race, color, sex, age, ancestry, marital or parental status, disability, religion, national origin or sexual orientation/gender identity. Complaints are to be made to:

The Equal Opportunity Director, Pam Foster
Morgan Hall, Room 380A/Room 202
Washburn University


All documentation submitted to Washburn University Institute of Technology is kept confidential, and is used solely to determine the applicant’s eligibility for accommodations. Instructors/relevant Washburn University Institute of Technology staff are also instructed to treat as confidential all information they received relative to the student’s disability and accommodations.

Contact Details:
Campus Advocate
Washburn Institute of Technology
Building A, Room AC117
5724 SW Huntoon Street
Topeka, KS 66604
Office hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:30p.m., Monday - Friday.