Washburn Tech

Inspection of Property and Equipment

The administrator in charge of the Washburn Institute of Technology campus, or his/her designee, shall have access at all times to all Washburn Institute of Technology property and equipment located therein. Students, employees of the school, Advisory Board members or other persons authorized to use school property or equipment should not have a reasonable expectation of privacy to school property or equipment used by them, including: vehicles, lockers, desks, tool boxes, and similar property. Such property and equipment is subject to periodic inventory and periodic inspection for maintenance and cleaning purposes and may be thoroughly searched should the administrator, or his/her designee, determine there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that the intended search will turn up evidence that the student or the employee has violated or is violating the rules of the school. Searches made in conjunction with or made at the request or direction of law enforcement agencies shall require a search warrant or a determination that probable cause and exigent circumstances exist for such a search.

Computers, network hardware (including servers) and software owned or leased by Washburn University/Washburn Institute of Technology are also subject to periodic inventory and inspection for maintenance, replacement, upgrades and/or cleaning purposes. The use of such technology is subject to the policies of the institution, the policies of Washburn University, or State or Federal law.