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Chemistry Secondary Education, BEd

Chemistry Course Requirements
CH 151Fundamentals of Chemistry I5
CH 152Fundamentals of Chemistry II5
CH 340Organic Chemistry I3
CH 342Organic Chemistry Lab I2
CH 320Analytical Chemistry3
CH 321Analytical Chemistry Lab1
CH 350Biochemistry I3
CH 351Biochemistry Lab2
CH 381Physical Chemistry I3
CH 385Physical Chemistry Lab1
CH 386Inorganic Chemistry3
CH 345Inorganic Chemistry Lab2
CH 390Undergraduate Chemical Research2
CH 391Chemistry Seminar1
Correlated Science Course Requirements
PS 281General Physics I5
PS 282General Physics II5
MA 151Calculus & Analytic Geometry I5
Education Course Requirements
ED 155Teaching, Learning, Leadership3
ED 165Ed. 1, Examining Teaching as a Profession: Diversity 1, Literacy 1, Technology 13
ED 275 Ed. 2 Exploring Teaching as a Profession (Classroom Management 1, Diversity 2, Technology 2) Ed. 23
ED 285Educational Psychology3
ED 295Ed. 3 Experiencing Teaching as a Profession (Classroom Management 2, Diversity 3, Literacy 2)3
ED 302Teaching Exceptional Learners3
ED 352Methods of Teaching Science in Secondary School3
or ED 350 General Secondary Methods
ED 354Curriculum and Assessment3
ED 395 Ed. 4 Extending Teaching as a Profession (Classroom Management 3, Literacy 3, Technology 3)3
ED 410Secondary Student Teaching12
Total Hours90

1.    PS 281 and MA 151 together will satisfy the 9-credit Natural Sciences component of the General Education Requirements.
2.    This program requires MA 151 which has a prerequisite of MA 117 or MA 123 or an ACT Math score of 28 (or higher) or a satisfactory math placement exam score. Depending on the student's level of readiness in mathematics, the total number of credits may be higher than 120.
3.    MA 117, MA 123, or MA 151 can satisfy the University Core Requirement in place of MA 116. If a student can bypass the prerequisite courses and take MA 151, the student may end up with a total of 117 credits and will need to take another elective course to meet the minimum requirement of 120 credits for a bachelor degree.