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Forensic Chemistry, BS

Degree Requirements

At least 39 hours in the department are required, including the following courses and their prerequisites: 

CH 202Professional Forensic Science Seminar2
CH 321Analytical Chemistry Lab1
CH 323Advanced Forensic Chemistry4
CH 343Organic Chemistry Lab II2
CH 346Instrumental Analysis2
CH 351Biochemistry Lab2
CH 391Chemistry Seminar1
CH 390Undergraduate Chemical Research3
or CH 393 Internship
Cognate Course Requirements
BI 102General Cellular Biology5
BI 103General Organismal Biology5
BI 301General Microbiology4
BI 333General Genetics4
BI 353Molecular Genetics3
BI 420Forensic Molecular Biology4
Other Cognate Course Requirements
MA 140Statistics3
MA 151Calculus & Analytic Geometry I5
CN 150Public Speaking3
CJ 415
CJ 416
Advanced Forensic Investigations
and Forensic Applied Science Laboratory
PH 102Ethics: Introduction to Moral Problems3
or PH 214 Medical Ethics
Select one of the following physics sequences:10
College Physics I
and College Physics II
General Physics I
and General Physics II
Total Hours72