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Biochemistry, BS

Degree Requirements

At least 40 hours in the department are required, including the following courses and their prerequisites: 

Chemistry Courses
CH 321Analytical Chemistry Lab1
CH 343Organic Chemistry Lab II2
CH 352Biochemistry II3
CH 353Biochemistry Laboratory II2
CH 381Physical Chemistry I3
CH 390Undergraduate Chemical Research2
CH 391Chemistry Seminar1
Cognate Courses
BI 102General Cellular Biology5
BI 301General Microbiology4
BI 333General Genetics4
BI 353
BI 354
Molecular Genetics
and Molecular Biology Laboratory
MA 151Calculus & Analytic Geometry I5
PS 281
PS 282
General Physics I
and General Physics II
CM 111Introduction to Structured Programming4
Total Hours52