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Chemistry, BS - Not Certified by the American Chemical Society

Degree Requirements

Serves as a second major for students with a first major in another science or mathematics; at least 38 hours in the department are required, including the following courses and their prerequisites:

CH 321Analytical Chemistry Lab1
CH 343Organic Chemistry Lab II2
Select two (or more) of the following:3
Inorganic Chemistry Lab
Instrumental Analysis
Physical Chemistry Concepts Lab
Biochemistry Lab
Select two of the following:6
Biochemistry I
Biochemistry II
Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry II
Inorganic Chemistry
CH 380Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry3
or CH 381 Physical Chemistry I
CH 390Undergraduate Chemical Research2
CH 391Chemistry Seminar1
Select one of the following physics sequences:10
College Physics I
and College Physics II
General Physics I
and General Physics II
Total Hours28