Washburn Tech

History of Washburn Institute of Technology

In 1963, The Kansas Legislature passed legislation which has had, and will continue to have, far reaching effects on career and technical education in Kansas. The intent of this legislation is revealed in the following excerpts from the statute:

“It is the intention of the Legislature and the purpose of this act to provide a means whereby the State of Kansas in cooperation with local communities can provide facilities for training and preparation of students for productive employment as technicians and skilled workers and to more nearly equalize educational opportunities.”

The boards of education in the unified school districts of Kaw Valley, North Jackson, Holton, Mayetta, Valley Falls, Jefferson County North, Jefferson West, Oskaloosa, McLouth, Perry, Seaman, Silver Lake, Santa Fe Trail, Auburn-Washburn, Shawnee Heights, Burlingame, and Topeka took the opportunity to cooperatively provide technical education by establishing Kaw Area Technical School in Topeka, Kansas. In July 2008, Kaw Area Technical School affiliated with Washburn University of Topeka. As a result of this affiliation the name of the institution was changed to Washburn Institute of Technology, also known as Washburn Tech.