Washburn Tech

Core Values

Core Values of Washburn Institute of Technology

Core values guide decision making and provide the foundation for directing our efforts, resources, and conduct. In fulfilling the mission, the faculty, staff, administration, and students are committed to the following core values of Washburn Institute of Technology:

  • Integrity: acting in an honest, fair, and ethical manner creating a culture of trust evident in all Washburn Institute of Technology activities and decision making.
  • Excellence: serving our scholarly community by delivering consistently high-quality programs, teaching, service, and scholarship.
  • Inclusion:  cultivating an inclusive learning, living, and working community, facilitating the success of all people, and supporting all individuals.
  • Accountability: being held responsible for academic, programmatic, and fiscal integrity and value while prudently managing the resources entrusted to Washburn University Institute of Technology.
  • Respect: embracing diversity and treating others collegiality with civility, openness, and professionalism in all interactions, activities, and decision making.
  • Collaboration: working toward common goals with others in Washburn University Institute of Technology and the community while valuing teamwork, participation, and diversity of ideas and perspectives.
  • Innovation: encouraging, considering, and supporting development of ideas by fostering individual ingenuity and creativity and creating an environment with opportunities for growth and change.