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Secondary Social Studies - Preparation for Teachers, BA

Students desiring to be certified in secondary social studies at Washburn must major in history and follow one of the following curriculum outlines:

(Also please note: all teaching licenses in the state of Kansas have been revised. Students planning to pursue a teaching license should consult with an advisor prior to enrolling in courses.)

Curriculum Outline for the US History, US Government, and World History Program

Fifty-four (54) semester hours are required.

Core Courses
HI 111History of the United States through the Civil War3
HI 112History of the United States since the Civil War3
HI 100Survey of Early World History3
HI 101Changing World History: Traditions and Transitions3
HI 102Modern World History3
HI 395History Forum3
PO 106The Government of the United States3
PO 107Kansas and the U.S., State and Local Government3
HI 399Historical Methods & Research3
Upper division U.S. History6
Upper division European History3
Upper division non-Western History3
Required Additional Courses in Social Science
Selected upper division Political Science6
EC 200Principles of Microeconomics3
AN 112Cultural Anthropology3
GG 102World Regional Geography3
Total Hours54

Students seeking certification to teach must also be formally admitted to the University’s Professional Teacher Education Programs and adhere to the Education Department’s requirements for teacher certification. For admission requirements, see Education in this catalog.