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History Secondary Education, BEd

Pending Washburn University Board of Regents approval


The B.Ed. in History Secondary Education provides students an option to complete degree requirements within 120 credit hours while continuing to earn the same core curriculum as all other Education majors, acquire adequate content knowledge, and satisfy Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) 6-12 History,Government, and Social Studies standards.

Degree Requirements

University Requirements

WU 101The Washburn Experience3
EN 101First Year Writing3
MA 112Contemporary College Mathematics (or higher)3
EN 300Advanced College Writing3
Total Hours12

Note: The B.Ed. will not include a Foreign Language requirement.

General Education Requirements

Humanities (GEHU): 19
Social Sciences (GESS): 29
Cultural Anthropology
World Regional Geography
The Government of the United States
Natural Sciences (GENS):9
Total Hours27

History Content Requirements

HI 100Survey of Early World History3
HI 101Changing World History: Traditions and Transitions3
HI 102Modern World History3
HI 111History of the United States through the Civil War3
HI 112History of the United States since the Civil War3
HI 322Kansas History3
Upper-Division US History3
Upper-Division European History3
Upper-Division Non-Western History3
HI 395History Forum3
HI 399Historical Methods & Research3
Total Hours33

Social Studies Additional Core Requirements

EC 200Principles of Microeconomics3
PO 107Kansas and the U.S., State and Local Government3
PO 225Introduction to International Politics3
Total Hours9

Education Courses

ED 155Teaching, Learning, Leadership3
ED 285Educational Psychology3
ED 165Ed. 1, Examining Teaching as a Profession: Diversity 1, Literacy 1, Technology 13
ED 275 Ed. 2 Exploring Teaching as a Profession (Classroom Management 1, Diversity 2, Technology 2) Ed. 23
ED 295Ed. 3 Experiencing Teaching as a Profession (Classroom Management 2, Diversity 3, Literacy 2)3
ED 395 Ed. 4 Extending Teaching as a Profession (Classroom Management 3, Literacy 3, Technology 3)3
ED 354Curriculum and Assessment3
ED 302Teaching Exceptional Learners3
ED 366Methods of Teaching Social Studies in Secondary School3
ED 410Secondary Student Teaching12
Total Hours39

Note: the B.Ed. in History Secondary Education includes no minor.