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History, BA

Degree Requirements

Students majoring in history must have a minimum of 33 hours in history with a grade of C or above, at least 15 hours taken at Washburn. Students must take:

Required Courses
HI 100Survey of Early World History3
HI 101Changing World History: Traditions and Transitions3
HI 102Modern World History3
HI 111History of the United States through the Civil War3
HI 112History of the United States since the Civil War3
Select 12 credit hours with at least one course in each cultural tradition:12
Colonial America to 1763
American Revolutionary Period, 1763-1789
Early National United States
American Civil War: 1848-1877
Making of Modern America, 1880-1920
America in the 1920s & 30s
Cold-War America, 1945-1990
War's Impact on America
Women in US History
History of American Childhood
Topeka & Urban American History
American Indian History
American West
Kansas History
American Religious History
Anabaptism: The Radical Reformation and Beyond
African-American History
Civil Rights Movement
Ancient/Medieval Europe to 1400
Early Modern Europe, 1300-1750
Modern Europe, 1750-Present
Civilization of Ancient Rome
History of England
Victorian Britain, c. 1830-WWI
History of France
French Revolution & Napoleon
History of Germany
The European Reformation
The Holocaust: A Seminar
Women in World History
History & Psychology of Sex & Gender
Film and History
History of Middle East
History of Traditional China
History of Modern China
History of Mexico
Colonial Latin America
History of Latin America
Borderlands and Beyond
History/Literature of Latin America
Modern Africa, c. 1700-Present
HI 395History Forum 13
HI 399Historical Methods & Research 13
Total Hours33

Majors must also demonstrate additional competence in one of two ways: a second major or an established minor.

In declaring a major in history, students will be assigned an advisor and develop a departmentally-approved plan for graduation. The department recognizes a maximum of 3 hours history credit through CEEB Advanced Placement.

Departmental honors are offered to those majors attaining a 3.5 in History, a 3.2 GPA overall, and an A in the capstone HI 399 Historical Methods & Research course.