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A student who wishes to withdraw from a course may do so on the web when it is available for registration/enrollment. The semester registration PIN is required to complete this process. Specific instructions will be available in the appropriate Registration Information Guide.

When web registration is not available, students must complete a Schedule Change Form and submit it to the Student One-Stop (SOS) where the information will be processed and the form signed. The student will be given a copy documenting these transactions. The date of withdrawal is determined by the day the withdrawal form is processed in the Student One-Stop (SOS). Students who cannot complete the withdrawal process on campus must notify the University of their intent to withdraw by sending an e-mail to using their MyWashburn account or by mailing or faxing a signed request to the Student One-Stop (SOS). To verify that the withdrawal process has been successfully completed, students should access their MyWashburn account online and view the “Detail Course Schedule” link on the Student Academics Tab. The status will indicate withdrawn and the date the course was withdrawn successfully.

The responsibility for initiating and clearing withdrawal notices with the Student One-Stop (SOS) rests with the student, not the faculty. Failure to officially withdraw results in the recording of “F” grades at the end of the semester/term and responsibility for all assessed charges.

For semester courses a student may withdraw through the second week with no recorded grade. From the third through the eleventh week a “W” is recorded for any dropped course. Beginning with the start of the twelfth week, there are no withdrawals, and a grade will be assigned for the course.

Specific dates for withdrawal in the summer are listed in the Registration Information Guide. The dates vary according to the length of session. Withdrawal procedures/regulations are the same as stated above.

Similar dates/deadlines for short term courses can be found on MyWashburn by selecting the Student Academics Tab and then selecting “Last Day” deadlines for courses under the Registration section of Student Self-Service.

For information on medical withdrawals, see the section below. Complete withdrawals from the University for non-medical reasons follow the same policies and deadlines as course withdrawals.

Complete Withdrawal

Students planning to withdraw from all registered courses for a given term must contact their Graduate Advisor. Students are not able to withdraw themselves from the last course on their schedule via online self-service. The Graduate Advisor will inform the University Registrar of a graduate student's decision to completely withdraw, and the University Registrar will process the withdrawal. Find more information at

Medical Withdrawal

If a student is unable to complete a semester or term due to serious illness or injury, the student may withdraw him/herself from courses by the Last Day to withdraw from that semester. A Medical Withdrawal does not change the student’s financial obligation to the University. For withdrawals with a medical basis after the last day to withdraw, the student must present an affidavit signed by a licensed health care provider, certifying the circumstances. This affidavit, as part of a Medical Withdrawal information packet, is available in the Student One-Stop (SOS) in Morgan Hall, 101A. The completed forms should be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center Suite 200, for consideration by the University Medical Withdrawal Committee. If the request relates to a semester other than the current one, the Medical Withdrawal Committee must also approve the academic withdrawal request. To be eligible to apply for a medical withdrawal, students must apply within the span of one calendar year from the end of the semester for which they are requesting a medical withdrawal.

Based on an approved request, the student will be withdrawn from all his/her courses, and will receive a “W” on his/her transcript for those courses. There will be no refund for this procedure. Only withdrawals processed during the published refund schedule (see previous section) generate any kind of refund of tuition. A student who believes the circumstances surrounding the withdrawal were unavoidable and extraordinary should contact the Bursar to arrange a payment schedule.

Military Withdrawal

Students who are called to military active duty and must withdraw from classes as a result should contact the Student Life Office, Morgan Hall 240D Phone: 670-2100, prior to deployment. The Student Life Office requires that the student submit a typewritten narrative requesting complete withdrawal, a definition of their military orders, a copy of the military orders and a completed Washburn University Schedule Change Form. Those items are forwarded to the University Registrar for complete withdrawal.