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Programs, Degrees, and Graduation Requirements

University Requirements Common to all Graduate Degrees

In all cases, individual programs may be more stringent than the specified minimum/maximum. See specific degree/program.

  1. A minimum of 30 semester hours of credit – Master level; 60 semester hours of credit – Doctoral level. Courses counting towards this minimum must be numbered 400 or higher. Degrees may be offered with less than the minimum requirement of hours so long as any variation is explained and justified when the program is approved through the shared governance process.
  2. A cumulative grade point average of at least B (3.0 grade point). Ability to accept courses with an earned grade of C or CR (credit/no credit) is program specific. Courses with a posted grade of Pass will not count towards a graduate degree.
  3. At least two thirds of the semester hours required for the degree must be earned at Washburn University.
  4. All course work must be completed within eight (8) calendar years unless otherwise specified by the individual program.

Core Student Learning Outcomes Common to all Graduate Programs

The graduate student learning outcomes are designed with an intent to provide graduates of Master and Doctorate programs at Washburn University with a set of core knowledge that is important to all graduate programs, regardless of discipline. The following three outcomes have been identified as the graduate core learning outcomes.

Ethics: All graduate students will demonstrate an awareness of professional conduct toward all constituent groups.
Communication: All graduate students will demonstrate the ability to express themselves clearly, accurately, and professionally.
Critical Thinking: All graduate students will demonstrate the skill to evaluate information, make decisions, and solve problems.