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Voice Emphasis

Bachelor of Music in Performance: Voice - 120 Hours

General Education - 40 Hours

Required Courses - 12 hours
WU 101The Washburn Experience3
EN 101First Year Writing3
EN 300Advanced College Writing3
MA 112Contemporary College Mathematics (or above)3
Social Science - 9 hours 1
HI 105Introduction to World Music and its History (required of all Music Majors)3
Natural Science / Mathematics - 9 hours 2
Arts / Humanities - 10 hours 3
Elective in Fine Arts (Art or Theatre)3
GE 102Beginning German II4
or FR 102 Beginning French II

AN, EC, GG, HI, IL170, PO, PY, SO - Max 6 hours any discipline.


AS, BI, CH, GL, MA, PS, IL170 - Max 6 hours any discipline.


AR, CN, EN, FL102 or higher, IL170, MM, PH, RG, TH - Max 6 hours any discipline.

Music - 79 Hours

Theory - 20 Hours
MU 122Rhythm Perception-Music Majors (proficiency requirements for 4th semester jury performance exam) 11
MU 123Integrating Technology in Music1
MU 215Music Theory I3
MU 314Music Theory II3
MU 315Music Theory III3
MU 316Theory IV3
MU 217Aural Skills I1
MU 311Aural Skills II1
MU 312Aural Skills III1
MU 317Orchestration2
MU 320Form and Analysis2
Music History and Literature - 8 Hours
MU 325Music History I3
MU 326Music History II3
MU 327Music History III2
Applied Lessons - 29 Hours
Applied Lessons in Concentration Area (MU 070 A enrollment required each semester) *3 credit hours per semester24
Students must take at least 2 hours of Group Piano or piano lessons and pass the Piano Proficiency Exam prior to the 4th Semester Jury and complete a total of 6 credits of piano over the course of study. For most the following, will be appropriate:6
MU 133Group Piano I1
MU 134Group Piano II1
MU 213Group Piano III1
MU 214Group Piano IV1
MU 267 / MU 467 Piano Lessons2
Pedagogy and Literature - 4 Hours
MU 220Vocal Diction for Singers2
MU 330Vocal Pedagogy and Literature2
Specialized Courses - 3 Hours
MU 400Special Topics in Music1-3
MU 305Business of Music3
Ensembles - 12 Hours
Large Ensembles 28
Small Ensembles4
MU 250 / MU 450 Opera Studio
Conducting - 2 Hours
MU 237Choral Lab (requirement for conducting courses, enroll for 0 credit)0
MU 240Beginning Conducting1
MU 441Advanced Choral Conducting1

Students must enroll in MU 122 Rhythmic Perception course for credit if they do not pass the entrance exam.


All Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Musical Arts students are required to participate in two large ensembles each semester or full-time enrollment. For large ensembles requirements, to each instrument, please consult the Music Department Handbook.  (

General Studies Electives - 1 Hour

May be selected from any department.

Music Department Proficiency Requirements (complete the following prior to scheduling the 4th Semester Peformance Proficiency Exam)
Proficiency Requirements:
Piano Proficiency Exam (PPE) 1
Rhythmic Perception Exam (RPE) 1
48 Recital Attendance Credits 1
Pass MU 215 Theory I (w/C or better) 1
Pass MU 217 Aural Skills I (w/C or better) 1
4th Semester Performance Proficiency Exam 2
Pass Junior Recital Jury and present Junior Recital
Pass Senior Rectial and present Senior Recital

Students must complete all proficiency requirements prior to taking 4th Semester Performance Proficiency Exam.


4th Semester Performance Proficiency Exam: Students who pass can enroll in upper division lessons, ensembles and music classes.