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English Education, BA

Degree Requirements

Thirty-six total English hours required, including core requirements, but excluding EN 101 First Year Writing and EN 300 Advanced College Writing with the teaching emphasis. Students who plan to teach in secondary schools should consult with the English Education advisor in the department at an early date. Students should also consult the Education Department section of the catalog regarding Admission requirements and Professional Education course requirements.

The English Education major’s field program should look as follows:

Core Requirements
EN 105Introduction to English Studies3
EN 301Literary Criticism &Theory3
EN 310English Grammar/Linguistics3
EN 320Teaching Young Adult Literature3
EN 321Teaching Composition3
Literature Surveys
Select four of the following (at least one from each sequence):12
British Literature
British Literature Through 1785
British Literature since 1785
American Literature
American Literature through 1865
American Literature since 1865
World Literature
World Literature through 1650
World Literature since 1650
Group A- Literary Forms
Select one of the following:3
Short Story
Modern Poetry
Modern Novel
Group B- Literary Periods
Select one of the following:3
Medieval Literature
Renaissance Literature
Restoration & 18th Century Literature
Romantic & Victorian Literature
Modern Literature
Contemporary Literature
Nineteenth Century American Literature
Group C- Major Authors
Select one of the following:3
Major Author course approved by the departmental chairperson
Total Hours36