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Creative Writing, BA

Degree Requirements

Thirty-nine total English hours required, including core requirements, but excluding EN 101 First Year Writing and EN 300 Advanced College Writing. The Creative Writing emphasis major’s field program should look as follows:

Core Requirements
EN 105Introduction to English Studies3
EN 206Beginning Poetry Writing3
EN 207Beginning Nonfiction Writing3
EN 209Beginning Fiction Writing3
EN 301Literary Criticism &Theory3
EN 310English Grammar/Linguistics3
EN 315Reading as Writers3
EN 384Publishing Lab (the capstone for writing majors)3
Additional Courses
Select two of the following:6
Advanced Fiction Writing
Advanced Poetry Writing
Advanced Nonfiction Writing
Select three of the following (at least one from each area):9
British Literature
British Literature Through 1785
British Literature since 1785
American Literature
American Literature through 1865
American Literature since 1865
World Literature
World Literature through 1650
World Literature since 1650
One writing or literature correlate course from outside the major 13
Total Hours42