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Scholarly or Creative Transformational Experience

Washburn Website: Scholarly or Creative WTE

Coordinator: Dr. Lindsey Ibanez
Henderson Learning Center, Room 100
(785) 670-1610

Purpose: Students who have engaged with faculty members to advance knowledge, create music or art or literature, or participate in other experiences that require a high level of intellectual stimulation or achievement, graduate from the University prepared to solve increasingly complex problems and to sort through complex and sometimes contradictory information in order to gain fresh insight.

The Scholarly or Creative transformational experience is a significant scholarly or creative project completed under the tutelage of a faculty member. The format of the project may vary, but it must be an independent project that is not part of a structured (faculty-planned) course. The project may be part of a capstone course in which students create or develop their own projects, but not a course in which the students simply follow the direction of an instructor. While the nature of these projects varies by discipline, the project should result in a significant commitment of scholarly and/or creative effort on the part of the student, as judged by the student’s faculty mentor.