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Leadership Transformational Experience

Washburn Website: Leadership WTE

Coordinator: Madeline Lambing
Benton Hall, Room 408
(785) 670-2000

Purpose: Students who serve in leadership roles are transformed by improved self-understanding derived from practical experience and examination of inspirational examples of selfless leadership service; they graduate from the University as citizens who recognize the abundance of leadership opportunities and are ready to accept the mantle of responsibility that comes with these opportunities.

Students who choose to pursue a Washburn Transformational Experience in Leadership currently:

  1. complete with a grade of “C” or better 1-3 semester hours of college coursework consisting of an academic study of leadership (e.g., LE 100 Exploring the Concept of Leadership, LE 398 Special Projects - Leadership or any other course, provided that the unit offering the course and the Director of the Leadership Institute or Leadership WTE Coordinator endorse it as an academic study of leadership); and
  2. complete a change project (approx. 50 hours) approved in advance by the Leadership WTE Coordinator.

Students who complete a Leadership Studies Minor or Certificate also complete a Leadership WTE in conjunction with their Leadership Studies program. In addition, an independent study may be arranged through the Leadership Institute which would encompass both the academic study component of the Leadership WTE as well as the change project requirement.

Through the associated course work and change project, students assess the strengths and weaknesses of their own leadership skills while considering how a leader becomes an effective change agent. Students will complete their experience by providing both written and oral reports that address what they learned about themselves and their own leadership skills, and how this learning has impacted their view of leaders and leadership.