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Middle Grades STEM, BEd

Pre-admission courses required for formal admission to teacher education:

ED 155Teaching, Learning, Leadership3
ED 285Educational Psychology3
Total Hours6

Education Core Courses:

ED 165Ed. 1, Examining Teaching as a Profession: Diversity 1, Literacy 1, Technology 13
ED 275 Ed. 2 Exploring Teaching as a Profession (Classroom Management 1, Diversity 2, Technology 2) Ed. 23
ED 295Ed. 3 Experiencing Teaching as a Profession (Classroom Management 2, Diversity 3, Literacy 2)3
ED 395 Ed. 4 Extending Teaching as a Profession (Classroom Management 3, Literacy 3, Technology 3)3
ED 302Teaching Exceptional Learners3
ED 354Curriculum and Assessment3
ED 420K - 6 Student Teaching8-12
Total Hours26-30

Content/General Education/University Requirements:

University Requirements
EN 101First Year Writing3
EN 300Advanced College Writing3
MA 116College Algebra 13
Arts and Humanities
CN 150Public Speaking3
Humanities Electives (from approved General Education List in 2 disciplines)6
Social Sciences
PY 100Basic Concepts in Psychology3
PY 211Adolescent Psychology3
SO 101Social Problems3
Mathematics and Natural Sciences
AS 104Life in the Universe3
BI 100Introduction to Biology3
MA 117Trigonometry3
MA 140Statistics3
MA 204Number Theory and Discrete Math for Middle School and Secondary Teachers3
MA 230Mathematical Representations for Secondary Mathematics4
MA 320Mathematics for Middle School Teachers3
MA 381History and Literature of Mathematics3
PS 108Physical Science3
STEM Courses
ED 217Introduction to STEM Education3
CH 317Chemistry for STEM Educators I3
ED 314Chemistry Methods for STEM Edu3
PS 318Earth and Space Science for STEM Educators I3
ED 318Earth/Space Science for STEM E3
BI 319Biology for STEM Educators3
ED 319STEM Practicum I1
EG 320Engineering for STEM Educators3
ED 321STEM Practicum II1
Total Hours78

Must take MA 116 and not MA 112 to satisfy this degree