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Public Health, BHS

The Allied Health Department offers a Bachelor of Health Science with a major in Public Health. The BHS PH degree will prepare students for a career in the field of Public Health by providing knowledge, skills and experience specific to public health. The curriculum is appropriate for students with a wide range of interests and career goals such as education, community outreach, marketing, policy and advocacy, epidemiology, and research. This degree will also prepare students who wish to continue on to a graduate program.

Program Mission

The mission of the Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) Public Health degree is to prepare professionals and pre-professionals for leadership and management positions in public health-related fields.

Washburn University Assessment – Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • PSLO 1:  Demonstrate knowledge of public health infrastructure and the workforce. 
  • PSLO 2:  Discuss the role of evidence-based theories in public health. 
  • PSLO 3:  Interpret quantitative and qualitative data following current scientific standards. 
  • PSLO 4:  Recognize the foundational values of equity, social justice, and ethics in public health practice. 
  • PSLO 5:  Describe the health and social determinants of diverse community populations. 
  • PSLO 6:  Identify the necessity of collaboration and partnerships in public health practice. 
  • PSLO 7:  Develop effective practices for public health policy and program development. 
  • PSLO 8:  Apply critical thinking to public health decision-making. 
  • PSLO 9:  Practice professional and effective communication with diverse audiences. 

Admission Requirements

  • Completed or be working toward an associate degree or have completed at least 45 college credit hours, including program prerequisites.
  • Math 112 or MA 116 Contemporary College Mathematics or College Algebra or equivalent (3)
  • AL 101 Foundations of Healthcare
  • BI 230 Intro to Human Physiology (3) OR BI 255 Human Physiology w/Lab (4) OR
    • BI 250 Intro to Human Anatomy (3) OR BI 275 Human Anatomy w/Lab (4)
  • AL 320 Human Disease
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.50 on a 4.0 scale and a minimum of a 2.25 Washburn GPA if appropriate.

Degree Requirements

AL 367Foundations of Quality Improvement in Health Care3
AL 375Health Care Policy3
AL 400Supervisory Practices for the Health Care Professional3
AL 430Essentials of Public Health 3
AL 460Research in Health Care3
AL 465Evidence-Based Approaches to Public Health3
AL 470Public Health Program Planning3
AL 475Public Health Program Management3
AL 360Independent Study/Allied Health (Internship)3
or AL 480 Senior Seminar In Healthcare
CN 306Health Communication3
HS 300Prevention and Social Change3
Upper Division Elective Hours - 9 Credit Hours9
Total Hours42
Suggested Upper-Division Electives
AL 366Legal & Regulatory Issues for the Health Care Professional3
AL 399Health Information Systems3
AL 405Financial Issues in Health Care I3
AL 420Current Issues in Health Care3
CN 351Interpersonal Communication3
HL 377Critical Issues in Health3
IL 311Information Literacy Health Professions3
PY 311Multicultural Psychology3
PY 326Health Psychology3
PO 305Public Policy3
PO 346Problems in Public Administration3
or PO 374 Topics-Public Administration

See Table of Contents for University Requirements, General Education Graduation Requirements.