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Psychology, BA

Degree Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 34 graded credit hours in psychology, earning a grade of C or better in each course. These hours must include:

PY 100Basic Concepts in Psychology3
PY 151Psychological Statistics3
PY 231Abnormal Psychology3
PY 251Research Methods in Psychology3
PY 299Psychological Forum1
Select at least one course from the following:3
Psychological Development through the Life-Span
Psychology of Infancy and Childhood
Adolescent Psychology
Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
PY 301Principles of Learning3
or PY 306 Cognition
PY 307Physiological Psychology3
or PY 305 Sensation & Perception
PY 309Theories of Personality3
or PY 310 Social Psychology
Upper-division psychology courses 16
Select 3 hours from the following: 23
History and Systems of Psychology
Independent Study
Directed Research
Total Hours34

Students should work closely with an advisor to plan the required Capstone Experience. The Capstone Experience should be taken during the junior or senior year.

Some courses which meet psychology major requirements are not offered each semester, so students should always consult a Psychology faculty advisor when planning their course schedule.

At least 9 hours (including 6 upper division hours) must be taken at Washburn.