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Political Science, BA

Degree Requirements

Brief General Description: At least 34 credit hours in Political Science are required, to be distributed as follows:

Required Courses
PO 106The Government of the United States3
PO 107Kansas and the U.S., State and Local Government3
PO 225Introduction to International Politics3
PO 235Governments of the World: Comparative Politics3
PO 308American Elections and Federalism3
PO 325Advanced International Relations3
PO 335Advanced Comparative Politics3
PO 390Applied Political Research3
PO 450Senior Seminar1
Upper Division Courses
Select nine credit hours from the following:9
Topics: American Politics and Government
Topics: Comparative Politics
Topics-International Relations
Topics-Public Administration
Topics in Applied Research
Advanced Applied Research
Total Hours34

Optional coursework option:

Major Requirements
Complete major requirements34
Select 0-6 hours of optional coursework 10-6
Total Hours34-40

PO 325 Advanced International Relations, PO 335 Advanced Comparative Politics, PO 372 Topics: Comparative Politics, PO 373 Topics-International Relations, and PO 374 Topics-Public Administration are repeatable provided the topic area covered is different. Elective courses for internships (PO 307 Internship - State or Local Government and PO 309 Kansas Legislative Experience) are offered. Students are cautioned not to exceed 40 course credit hours in the major. Students are urged to discuss the pros and cons of concentrating coursework in a particular subfield with their academic advisors.