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Spanish (Teaching Emphasis)

Licensure to Teach

The department regularly prepares students to meet state licensure requirements for teaching grades P-12. In addition to the usual requirements of the department, all students planning to teach must take ED 368 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language or equivalent course in ED and be formally admitted to the University’s Professional Teacher Education Programs. For admission requirements, see Education in this catalog.

ED 155Teaching, Learning, Leadership3
ED 165Ed. 1, Examining Teaching as a Profession: Diversity 1, Literacy 1, Technology 13
ED 275 Ed. 2 Exploring Teaching as a Profession (Classroom Management 1, Diversity 2, Technology 2) Ed. 23
ED 285Educational Psychology3
ED 295Ed. 3 Experiencing Teaching as a Profession (Classroom Management 2, Diversity 3, Literacy 2)3
ED 302Teaching Exceptional Learners3
ED 354Curriculum and Assessment3
ED 368Methods of Teaching Foreign Language3
ED 395 Ed. 4 Extending Teaching as a Profession (Classroom Management 3, Literacy 3, Technology 3)3
ED 440Student Teaching Grades P-124-12
SP 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SP 202Intermediate Spanish II3
SP 207Basic Spanish Conversation3
SP 311Spanish Grammar Review3
SP 312Spanish Composition3
SP 324Civilization of Spain3
SP 326Civilization of Latin America3
SP 331Introduction to Hispanic Literature3
SP 390Study Abroad Spanish Speaking Country1-15
SP 400Senior Thesis3-6