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International Studies, Minor

Minor Requirements

The curriculum for the Minor in International Studies consists of three components: a foreign language, study abroad and course work. The specific requirements are as follows:

Modern Language Requirement

A minimum of 9 credit hours of a modern language beyond the 100 level, or demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English at the advanced level (e.g., living and studying in another language through high school). International students educated in their countries through high school in a language other than English will meet this requirement with their courses in English at Washburn.

Study Abroad Requirement

Participation in at least a summer long study abroad program (four weeks minimum) in the country of the language studied. For international students, enrollment in at least 12 hours for a full semester will meet this requirement.

Course Work Requirement

A minimum of 12 hours of course work chosen from the following collaborative departments: English, History, Art, Political Science, Religion, Philosophy, Anthropology and Sociology, Mass Media and the School of Business. The courses identified should focus on international topics. They should be chosen in consultation with an advisor in the Department of Modern Languages.