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German, BA

Degree Requirements

This program is no longer accepting majors or minors.

In order to major in German students must complete 30 hours of course work beyond courses numbered at the 100 level. The 30 hours of course work must include:

GE 311German Grammar Review3
GE 312Contemporary Written German3
GE 331Intro to German Literature3
GE 400Senior Thesis3-6
Upper division course work3

Required for majors planning to teach:

GE 207Basic German Conversation3
or GE 214 German Reading & Conversation
GE 324German Civilization3
or GE 326 Contemp German/Austrian Civil.
ED 368Methods of Teaching Foreign Language3

Nine hours of correlated course work are required of all modern language majors. These courses are selected in consultation with an advisor.

All majors are required to present a portfolio upon graduation. The portfolio will contain a reflective essay, three significant papers, and will be defended in a public presentation in front of professors.

A reflective essay: In a thoughtful, well-organized essay in the target language (French, German, or Spanish), the student will analyze the changes he/she has experienced in his/her years at Washburn, sharing both positive and negative examples of specific instances, including (if applicable) study abroad experience(s).

Three significant papers: The student will briefly comment on the material selected. The essay should be in the target language and following the MLA guidelines. It must be a computer-generated double-spaced typed document written in Times New Roman 12 pt. font. The student may get no editorial help, except from the instructor/advisor. Then, the student should add a copy of the three sample essays: One of the essays must be the senior thesis, the other from the literature requirement (FR 331 Introduction to French Literature/GE 331 Intro to German Literature/SP 331 Introduction to Hispanic Literature) and the third one preferably from a cultural course, either on campus or taken abroad. If that’s not possible, discuss with the advisor what essay should be included.

The student will give an oral presentation of the portfolio, not to exceed 15 minutes, summarizing what’s in the portfolio. The student may use as much or as little technology as he/she wishes, keeping in mind that the presentation may not be read; it should be delivered in a comfortable, yet professional manner. After the presentation, there will be a question and answer session by faculty members present.

Transfer students and students desiring validation of foreign language competencies for teaching certification normally must take a minimum of 6 hours in the target language at the 300-level at Washburn.

Students whose native language is one of those taught by the department may not enroll in or challenge 100 and 200 level courses by examination.