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Game Design, Minor

Minor Requirements

Students who exercise the optional minor in game design will fulfill the fifteen hour requirement from among the following classes: 

Required Courses
Select five courses from the following list, two of which must be either AR 322, CM 390, MA 361, or MM 393:15
Video Game Design 1
2 & 3-D Digital Animation
Digital Painting and Drawing 2
Business Plan Development
Special Topics/Computer Information Science (Game Programming) 3
Game Theory and Applications 4
Game Design 5
Special Topics/Mass Media (Visual Storytelling)
Additional Hours
Additional classes as approved by the advisor of the minor may include:
HI 300Topics in History (Ancient Greece)1-3
HI 300Topics in History (Medieval Experience)1-3
HI 300Topics in History (Pirates of the Caribbean)1-3
HI 300Topics in History (Traditional Japan)1-3
HI 334Civilization of Ancient Rome3
EC 200Principles of Microeconomics 53
Total Hours25-33

 No more than two classes from a single department will count towards this minor.