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Web Technology Utilization Emphasis, BIS

Degree Requirements

Students must complete the following plan of study. 33 hours of required courses:

Required Courses
AR 223Graphic Design I3
AR 321Photoshop Imaging3
CM 101Computer Concepts and Applications3
CM 111Introduction to Structured Programming4
CM 113Visual Programming3
CM 130Web Development I3
CM 330Web Development II3
MM 202Creative Media Writing3
MM 321Visual Communication3
MM 372Filmmaking I3
IS 389Integrated Studies Capstone Proposal1
IS 390Integrated Studies Capstone1-7
Approved AR/CM/MM Electives
Select 21 credit hours of the following (at least 18 must be upper division):21
2D Design: Digital Elements
Graphic Design II
Photoshop Imaging II
2 & 3-D Digital Animation
Workshop in Art Media
Web Design
Digital Forensics I
Computer Organization/Assembler Language
Contemporary Programming Methods
Networked Systems I
Data Structures & Algorithmic Analysis
Operating System & Networking Concepts
Networked Systems II
Introduction to Mass Media
Public Relations I
Advertising I
Required Correlated Courses
MA 140Statistics3
BU 250Management Information Systems3
EN 208Professional Writing3
CN 150Public Speaking3
CN 340Interviewing3
or CN 341 Persuasive Speaking
Total Hours69-75

Students interested in obtaining more information about the Bachelor of Integrated Studies should contact the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s office or the Director of the Program.

  • Grade of “C” or better required for designated courses in the ISP/MDSP.
  • ISP/MDSP consists of at least 30 graded hours, including 12 hours 300-400 level courses and a capstone project (IS 389 Integrated Studies Capstone Proposal and IS 390 Integrated Studies Capstone or substitute approved by ISAC).
  • Courses applied to the General Education distribution requirements may not also be utilized to meet ISP/ MDSP requirements.
  • All requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree must be met with the following exceptions: no major requirements; no foreign language requirement.