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Early Childhood Education, AA

Degree Requirements

Professional Education
ED 155Teaching, Learning, Leadership3
ED 160Introduction to Early Childhood Education3
ED 161Essentials of Early Childhood Education I4
ED 162Essentials of Early Childhood Education II4
ED 243Infants & Toddlers Early Childhood Education3
ED 245Practicum Infants & Toddlers Education3
ED 285Educational Psychology3
ED 267Curriculum Development in Preschool Education3
ED 269Student Teaching in Preschool Education3
ED 261Techniques-Early Childhood Guidance & Class Management3
KN 271First Aid and CPR2
General Education Requirements
Arts and Humanities
EN 101First Year Writing3
CN 150Public Speaking3
Art, Music, or Theater Elective (from the Approved General Education List)3
English, Philosophy, or Religion Elective (from the Approved General Education List)3
Social Sciences
PY 100Basic Concepts in Psychology3
HI 111History of the United States through the Civil War3
or HI 112 History of the United States since the Civil War
AN 112Cultural Anthropology3
Mathematics and Natural Sciences
MA 112Contemporary College Mathematics (or higher)3
Select one of the following:5
Physical Science for Elementary Educators
Introduction to Biology
and Introductory Biology Laboratory
KN 271First Aid and CPR2
Total Hours65