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Communication Studies, BA

Degree Requirements

The major consists of 15 required hours and 21 hours of courses chosen in conjunction with the student’s assigned adviser.

Required Courses
CN 101Introduction to Communication Studies3
CN 150Public Speaking3
CN 302Communication Theory3
CN 304Qualitative Communication Research Methods3
or CN 305 Quantitative Communication Research Methods
CN 498Senior Capstone3
or CN 491 Senior Capstone Internship
Elective Courses
Select 21 hours from the following:21
Health Communication
Communication in Legal Process
Organizational Communication
Political Communication
Communication in Conflict and Negotiation
Persuasive Speaking
Communication-Teams and Groups
Interpersonal Communication
Truth and Deception
Environmental Communication
Reputation Management
Communication in Social Movements
Intercultural Communication
Gender Communication
Business/Professional Presentation
Nonverbal Communication
Crisis Communication
Critical Studies
Communication Training & Development
Special Topics/Communication
Directed Research
Total Hours36

Majors are not limited to 36 hours. Also, students are encouraged to consider a minor, but a minor is not required.