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Chemistry Major for Secondary Education Teachers, BA or BS

Degree Requirements

The teaching of Chemistry at the secondary level requires completion of a BA or BS in Chemistry. Courses that must be taken to meet the standards for licensure in Kansas are:

CH 151Fundamentals of Chemistry I5
CH 152Fundamentals of Chemistry II5
CH 320Analytical Chemistry3
CH 321Analytical Chemistry Lab1
CH 340Organic Chemistry I3
CH 342Organic Chemistry Lab I2
CH 343Organic Chemistry Lab II2
CH 350Biochemistry I3
CH 351Biochemistry Lab2
CH 390Undergraduate Chemical Research1-5
CH 391Chemistry Seminar1
Total Hours28-32

In addition, students must fulfill the professional education course requirements of the Education Department. Students seeking licensure to teach must also be formally admitted to the University’s Professional Teacher Education Programs. For admission requirements, see Education in this catalog.