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General Education Core Requirements

The following course-specific core Student Learning Outcome courses are required of all undergraduate degree-seeking students (C or better):

EN 101 First Year Writing (COM)

Most freshmen will satisfy this requirement by taking EN 101 First Year Writing. Freshmen whose names begin with A through K will enroll in EN 101 First Year Writing during Fall Semester and those whose last names begin with the letters L through Z in the Spring Semester. For those students who do not feel adequately prepared for EN 101 First Year Writing, the English Department offers EN 100 Developmental English. This course, taught by full-time faculty members, offers smaller classes and individual attention to students who need additional preparation before attempting EN 101 First Year Writing. Students may be placed in this course based on consultation with members of the English faculty, departmental advisers, and advisers in Academic Advising. Students should be aware that EN 100 Developmental English does not fulfill the Freshman Composition requirement and does not count toward the minimum of 120 credit hours required for graduation since EN 100 Developmental English is considered a remedial course. However, completion of this course can assist students in acquiring the level of proficiency required to be successful in EN 101 First Year Writing.

EN 300 Advanced College Writing (COM - Baccalaureate Only)

This course, which is designed to be taken in the junior year, prepares students for advanced academic writing. Students need to have completed 60 credit hours to enroll in EN 300 Advanced College Writing. EN 300 Advanced College Writing satisfies three hours of the forty-five upper division hours required for a baccalaureate degree.


EN 101 First Year Writing, EN 102 Freshman English Honors and EN 300 Advanced College Writing will not count toward the completion of the Arts and Humanities General Education requirement; however, transfer students who have completed a second semester freshman composition course at another institution may use that course to fulfill three hours of the humanities General Education requirement.

MA 112 Contemporary College Mathematics or MA 116 College Algebra (QSR)

This requirement will be satisfied if the student demonstrates appropriate competency as determined by the Mathematics and Statistics Department. (Additional ways to satisfy the mathematics requirement: completion, with a C or better, of any Washburn mathematics course or its equivalent numbered higher than MA 116 College Algebra; an ACT score in mathematics of at least 28 or an SAT score in mathematics of at least 640).