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Grading System

Grades and Grade Points: Symbols used in grading 

Grade Description Grade Points
A Excellent 4
B Well above average 3
C Average 2
D Below average but passing 1
F Failure 0
AU Audit 01
CR Credit only-letter grade C or better 01
I Incomplete 01
NC No credit 01
IP In Progress 01
NR Not recorded 01
P Credit only-letter grade of D 01
W Withdrawn 01
S Satisfactory 01
U Unsatisfactory 01

A/Credit/Pass/Fail Option

Under certain circumstances, undergraduate students have the option to elect to enroll in a course for a grade or for A/Credit/Pass/Fail. A student may enroll in only one A/Credit/Pass/Fail course per semester. To enroll in a course under the A/Credit/Pass/Fail option, a student must have completed 24 semester credit hours with at least a 2.0 GPA. Courses in a student’s major (including minor and correlate courses) cannot be taken for A/Credit/Pass/Fail without written permission from the appropriate department chair or dean on file in the Student One Stop (SOS).

If the student earns an A in the course, this is recorded on the transcript. If the student earns a grade of B, C, or D this is recorded as CR (earned grade of B or C) or P (earned grade of D) on the transcript, and is not figured in the student’s cumulative grade point average. If the student fails the course, a grade of F is recorded, and this grade is figured in the student’s cumulative grade point average. Students must present a minimum of 84 graded hours (i.e., hours in which an A/B/C/D, or F was received) for graduation with a Bachelor’s degree, or a minimum of 42 graded hours for an Associate’s degree.

Subject to the provisions above, a student may elect graded or A/Credit/Pass/Fail status for a course at any time during the period in which that student may elect to withdraw from that course. Please see the academic calendar at for specific deadline dates.

Certain courses may not be taken for grade, but may only be taken pass/fail. The above policy does not pertain to such courses.

Repetition of Courses

Undergraduate courses may be repeated. The transcript will contain a complete record of all courses taken and grades earned. Courses for which grades of Ds and Fs are recorded can be retaken without departmental approval; courses for which a grade of C, or credit, or higher are recorded will require departmental approval prior to registration. The transcript will contain a complete record of all courses taken and grades earned. The repeated and not the original grade will be included in determining the cumulative grade point average. However, after a student has repeated the same course three times, or has repeated three different courses, that student must have the permission of his/her academic dean before repeating any course.